This project included extensive research about human trafficking. This research then informed the design of the “module” in an innovative way using advancing technology to produce a movable structure that positively impacts the issue at hand.

The Portal can function as many things including an entrance, waiting areas for bus stops, truck stops, etc. This portal would have a surface function as seating and lighting. It’s true purpose however, is in it’s orbs- which would be equipped with facial recognition, meant to search for missing children and criminals. 

According to the research, many children are too afraid to ask for help, feeling trapped or falling victim to stockholm syndrome, believing they are blessed to have any sort of security. This module could potentially help all these children and in this day of growing technology, facial recognition is advancing to meet this challenge.

This project was created to address a global issue that seems too much to handle. We broke it down into an idea that could help, and adapting it to a architectural module.